Eremito the Cookbook - English Version
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Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
Numero pagine: 180

When people enter the ancient wood portal of Eremito, they have the sensation of entering an holy place, a place where the time seems to stand still, and nature and silence are the real protagonists of the surrounding reality. This original contemporary hermitage was born from an idea of his founder, Marcello Murzilli, who wanted to create a place suitable for the needs of the modern human.Staying at Eremito means to reestablish a deep contact with the own self to find a balance between body, mind and soul. Some pages of this book describes well the lifestyle that you can breathe here, a lifestyle taking inspiration from the ancient monasteries where simple and genuine food was important. At Eremito food is vegetarian and it is prepared with the products grown in the propriety’s organic garden and products of some local small produces. Hosts amazed by the good food often ask for the recipes. Et voilà, the Eremito’s chef reveals his secrets… the book offers a great varieties of recipes accompanied with beautiful pictures and divided for each season.